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Find  a  Doctor

We at VZP know that finding the doctor you need is challenging. Especially in a foreign country where you don’t speak the local language. We understand your needs and how to make a doctors visit as seamless as possible. Since VZP has both Public and Private Health Insurance with two separate provider networks, Here is how they provide service.


In the event of a critical medical emergency, Go directly to the nearest hospital. VZP covers ambulance service. Call 155.

VZP in the only health Insurance accepted at ALL Hospitals in the Czech Republic.

Motol University Hospital

Motol hospital

Motol University Hospital‘s dedicated foreigners department near the main entrance on the ground floor provides medical concierge services to foreigners and is covered by VZP Please visit their website for information scheduling a medical appointment. Motol University Hospital accepts Both VZP Public and PVZP Private Health Insurance plans and has a dedicated service center exclusively for foreign patients who can schedule a Doctors visit at their outpatient clinics available daily from 07:00 until 10 am. Visit their website for more details.

Public Transportation: Take the A train to the last stop Nemocnice Motol

Motol Hospital

PVZP Private Insurance

PVZP Private Insurance Provides a 24 hour Eurocross Assistance service helpline that communicates in several languages.
When searching for a Doctor,

ALWAYS CALL +420 296 841 333 BEFORE seeking medical care. Failure to make this call May result in denial of medical expense claims!

Eurocross Assistance service will schedule the next available appointment with the doctor or specialist you need. Present your
PVZP Private Health Insurance ID card and tell them your insurer is Pojišt’ovna PVZP, company code #333”

PVZP ID card
PVZP ID card back

VZP Public Insurance

VZP Public Insurance does NOT provide any service for finding a doctor.
When you need a doctor close to you, your best option is to search on these useful links for English speaking doctors.

English speaking Doctors in Prague


Call or Email the doctor’s office directly to schedule your appointment. Be sure to inform them that your insurer is:

VZP Public Health Insurance, company code #111 when you schedule your appointment.

VZP ID card
EU Card ID card eu

Exclusive Private Clinics that do not Accept VZP

Canadian medical center
Narodni poliklinika
Mount Sinai hospital

Our authorized agent is licensed in the U.S. and offers an international gold plan that covers ALL exclusive medical facilities worldwide.
Please visit their website for full details.
Ask about their 50% discount for 
VZP Public cardholders.

Pre-Existing conditions are fully covered by 
VZP Public Insurance and are fully excluded by PVZP and all other Private Insurance companies.


If you see a doctor and your medical treatment was provided for a condition that was Pre-Existing and you have private insurance, you will be charged by the doctor’s office or get invoiced later.


Prescription Medication is covered based on a state authorized reimbursement schedule. The percentage you pay varies by the prescription medication you are purchasing. Some medication our fully covered and others are not covered at all.

Always present your VZP or PVZP ID card at the pharmacy before you pay.

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