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PVZP Private Insurance

PVZP Private Health Insurance requests must be submitted in writing or telephone. 
If you did not purchase from an authorized agent or if your agent is unavailable, please contact: 
or submit this form

Success! Message received.

We will respond to your inquiry the same day including weekends
And also arrange your next insurance renewal for your convenience. 
For fastest service, please include a copy of your passport and 
PVZP ID Card, if available.


PVZP Private Health Insurance provides a 24 hour assistance helpline that communicates in several languages.
ALWAYS CALL +420 296 841 333 When Searching for the doctor.
Failure to make this call May result in denial of medical expense claims!

Assistance service will schedule the next available appointment with the doctor or specialist you need
Present your
PVZP Private Health Insurance ID card and tell them your insurer is Pojišt’ovna PVZP, company code #333

VZP Public Insurance 

VZP Public Health Insurance transactions must be documented in person at many
VZP Client Centers

VZP telephone operators have NO access to your records and ONLY provide General information at
+420 952 222 222  or

You may purchase
VZP Private Health Insurance here. 

When visiting your a VZP Client Center, we suggest you bring the following along with you:


- Valid Passport
- Resident ID Card
- Employee Contract

If possible, bring a translator along with you for faster service. 

We recommend these 6 branch offices with shortest waiting times: 

You may only call phone the telephone number listed on the back of your VZP Public Health Insurance ID card 

VZP ID card
VZP ID card back
VZP ID card EU
vzp ID card
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