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About  Us

This website was designed especially to serve You 
Combining the vast resources of three Pioneering and Visionary companies

Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojišťovna ČR
The First and Largest Public Health Insurer in the Czech Republic – Founded in 1992  
Oversight Authority by the Czech Ministries of Health and Finance

Pojišťovna VZP a.s. 
The First and Largest Private Public Health Insurer in the Czech Republic – Founded in 2004
  Oversight Authority by the Czech Ministry of the Interior and the Czech National Bank

Hamilton|Hudson Ltd.
The First and Only Private Health Insurance Intermediary Licensed in the United States, EU and the Czech Republic
Founded in1989 – Oversight Authority by the Czech National Bank and the New York State Department of Financial Services

VZP for Foreigners commenced in 2004 with the goal of providing affordable, high quality Private Foreigners Comprehensive Health Insurance to those not eligible for public insurance, but desiring western care and service in English and other languages.

We launched VZP for Foreigners in 2006 to meet the Czech Republic’s entry into the EU’s Schengen Zone and with it, a new law requiring foreigners to enroll in approved private health insurance.


Since 1995, VZP has been building the largest health insurance company in the country, encompassing all hospitals and many private clinics.


Hamilton Hudson was established in New York City in 1989 and has been providing private insurance in the Czech Republic since 2001.

To find out more about the outstanding synergy between VZP and Hamilton Hudson, please click here

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Czech National Bank, health insurance regulations
NY health insurance license
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